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Acknowledgements — To My Customers, Employees & Company, My Family, The Lord

I extend sincere appreciation to those who helped me in various ways with the preparation of this material:

  • To my customers, who provided many of these ideas over my thirty years in the hardware business, even though they might not have known it. Thank you for your support.
  • To my loyal and dedicated employees.


  • To my folks, who wisely brought me up as a salesman, starting at age nine. They taught me the basics and more.
  • To the president of a large hardware company for naming me to the Board of  Directors, on which I served for four years.
  • To the Lord for any credit I might receive and for my enthusiasm and ability.   They all came from Him…He who brightens my life.
  • To my wife, Bijie for her help at the store while raising five daughters.
  • To my daughters: Diana Lee for the cartoon she drew, Elisa for her baby photos and  Shirley, who sang at my opening.

  • To my stepdaughters, Roxann and Diana Lynn for making our family complete.

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