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Bull Shooter

The Bull$100.00 Reward for Biggest Bull Shooter in State

Yes… We Will Pay $100.00 for the Biggest Bull Shooter. Stop in the Store for Details. You May Register for this Contest… Shells, Guns, Hunting Equipment, Boots, Socks, Bows and Strings, Etc.

Instructions for Bull Shooter

You will need to select a panel of judges (not including yourself) so that losers will hold no animosity against you or the store.

Arrange to have the contest held at the store on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The parking lot is a good place for this. Borrow or build a podium and bring in a portable P.A. system (your school may loan this to you, or you can rent one). Set the whole thing up on a platform. Leave plenty of room for spectators.

Combine this with a sidewalk or parking lot sale…and get plenty of publicity.

Contestants tell their favorite stories to the judges and spectators. Spectators and contestants browse through the merchandise. This really brings in the business!

I ran this for two years in a row, just before hunting season (Big Game) and it caught the attention of the hunters. It’s against the law in Colorado to run an ad for the Biggest Elk but not for the biggest Bull Shooter. Be careful to be within the law in your state.

This ad does create notice, response, and traffic.

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