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Chester the Pig

Guess Chester’s Weight and Win Big!

No purchase necessary
Closest guess (pounds and ounces) will win Chester, cut and wrapped

You just gotta SEE Chester!
Join the fun at (your business)!

Chester was a real stinker, and we had a lot of fun with this promotion. I purchased the pig from a local meat packer for this. He skinned the pig, including his face, and put an apple in his mouth. We then put Chester in a 15-foot chest freezer, sitting on his haunches so that we could close the door. To look at Chester, you would think he weighed 300 pounds, but his actual weight was 90.

Part of the fun was watching when women opened the freezer door to guess Chester’s weight. They got one look at Chester’s face and screamed. (You might want to have a camera handy to record the reactions…)

It didn’t take long in our small town for word to get out: “You have just GOT to see Chester the pig at (your store)!” Of course, everyone had to visit the store to find out what they were talking about.

We did this promotion with a county fair coming up, so we asked permission to announce the winner in front of the grandstand. We put the freezer, with Chester inside, in a pickup truck and drove out to the fair to make the announcement. The winner received the pig, cut and wrapped for the freezer.

If you try this promotion a few weeks before your local county fair, you’ll be a winner by getting your name in front of the public with a successful advertising promotion. But I have to warn you though…your cash register may SQUEAL from all the additional sales!

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