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What Shall I Spend on Advertising?

If your business is a franchise and there are other franchises in surrounding towns, here’s a great idea.

Six of our franchise stores went together to buy TV advertising to split the costs. This made it affordable for a small store to compete with the big boys. Each store sent out circulars with the same advertising on them, so we showed the front page of the circular promotion on TV by splitting the cost six ways. We all benefited from this.

The story about one stick being easily broken, but a bundle of sticks cannot, works here.

By Working Together, You Can Accomplish Almost the Impossible.

Sending out circulars via direct mail costs a lot of money. However in a franchise business, it is a must. We found a business that had all of the area addresses already on their computer system. We purchased the labels from them at a low cost. We took them to the Post Office, and found yet another way to save money. We got the mail sacks ready and labeled them with town names surrounding our business. We also saved money by getting the circulars ready ourselves.

Most franchise companies have circulars available. If you have a delivery truck coming from the company, it is less expensive to get your circulars on the truck than to mail them. However, by mailing them yourselves, you know when they go out and are prepared for it.

The secret of a sale is to have the merchandise in stock. But figuring out how many of each item to stock is a real challenge. Usually, what you like may not be what the public will buy. Experience is the best teacher, and I know that it works best in this case. The rule of thumb on ordering is that the hot items will sell the best, but you don’t make much money on them. But be sure to have plenty in stock. Even with regular items, don’t hold back on ordering, because you want to be like a good farmer. He doesn’t raise any crops unless he puts seed in the ground, even if it costs money for him to plant.

Do Your Advertising and Ordering with Enthusiasm.

This would be a great time to try one of the promotions included here, such as the Diamond Promotion or Chester the Pig. The object is to create excitement with your promotion…not just another sale. Try one of these and REALLY have fun while making money.

My dad used to stock two lawnmowers when he ran the store. When I took over, I ordered 65 lawnmowers and had them lined down to the corner three deep. I received them in January with snow on the ground. People made fun of me having mowers in the snow, but the same people came back in the spring and bought them from me. I had to order more mowers to keep up with the demand. I guess the felt sorry for me getting stuck with all of them. Ha. Needless to say, I had a great mower year.

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