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After getting out of the service and purchasing a new convertible, I took a trip to New Jersey to see a girl I had met. This was before the Interstates were completed. I took off on the trip and drove all day and half the night until I finally stopped in a small Iowa town–one with a town square and the courthouse in the middle. I drove around the town square until I found a motel, checked in and tried to get some sleep. Finally I decided to get on my way; it was still dark when I drove off on my trip. However, after driving for about 4 hours and 150 miles, the sun started coming up in the wrong DIRECTION. It was the same amount of time and miles back to that town. And when I got to New Jersey, the girl wasn’t home.

In business, make PLANS to get you started in the right direction. The majority of new businesses that are started FAIL because they are under-capitalized and have not made plans a step at a time toward their goals. It is a misconception that all you have to do is to fill your store with merchandise and open the doors and the customers will flock in. For a Grand Opening, they might do this, but after the smoke has cleared and very few customers cross your threshold, reality sets in. This is where you need to REALLY start promoting–not just spending money on expensive television or newspaper ads. When you advertise, advertise with a purpose–by using the promotional ideas I describe here.

By doing so, your business direction will be Up, Up and UP.

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