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Be Happy!

Get Excited About Your Job and Your Goods

Be Concerned about Others – Love One Another

Treat Others Like You Expect to Be Treated

Be Commited — Totally — Job & Responsibilities

What’s Important Is What You Do — Not What You Know

With Enthusiasm You Can Sell Anything

Purchase motivational recordings if you need them, but GET EXCITED. Be full of ENTHUSIASM and it will rub off on others.

While serving on the board of directors of a large hardware company, one of the members said, “What we need is more enthusiasm.”

While visiting in a small town in Arkansas, we went into a hardware store. It was very dark inside with only one light bulb burning. The owner was sitting in a chair above the store level. A loud voice rang out, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”, he asked.

We went into a dime store across the street and the clerk there asked, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

That wasn’t the end of it. We went into another hardware store. I asked the owner if he had any horse collars to sell. He told me he didn’t have any. However, after visiting with him about the hardware business, he said he had a few in the back room. He opened the door and there were about 200 horse collars hanging on the wall. He explained that there were a few farmers who still farmed with horses, and the collars were for them. He then sold me one that was marked $2.50 for $2.00. I don’t know how he was able to stay in business.

I did find out that since I didn’t live there, they didn’t want me there.
To me it seemed they were leading very boring and wasted lives

Successful people are full of enthusiasm!
Get excited — have fun and sell, sell, sell

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