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Factory Outlet Sale

JUST ARRIVED: Hundreds of new items are in because we made a special purchase from the factory.

Just stop in this week and take advantage of this TREMENDOUS sale.

Many of the items are seconds or items the factory had overstocked.

Suggestion: As Factory Outlet Stores are popular now, why not take advantage of it? Put up pennant flags in front of your store by installing a pole and running flags to it. Make large signs to put in your windows with FACTORY OUTLET SALE printed on them. If your city will allow it, put large items in front of the store. Pile merchandise on boxes by the front door to give the impression that you did receive a lot of special merchandise.

However, you must make some special purchases of new items at a HOT price for this sale.

This is also a GREAT time to get rid of the seasonal items you have by also putting them on cardboard boxes with sale signs.

Put two speakers out in front of your store, wired to a CD player so you can have music playing. This adds to your sale atmosphere. If you own or rent a PA system, you can make announcements about your special prices. The object of this sale is to get across to your customers that you really ARE the COMPETITION.

REMEMBER: There are 3 kinds of people:

  1. Those who make things happen,
  2. Those who watch things happen,
  3. And those who wonder what happened.

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