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Free Diamond (It’s Real!)

DiamondThey say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. WE say (brand name and product) are a family’s best friend. Just stop in at (your business) and try your luck. Some Lucky customer will win the diamond. It might be YOU!

Instructions for Sale

Use a 15-foot chest type freezer. Freeze 500 or more ice cubes and place them in an open 6-gallon waste basket or garbage can in the center of the freezer. Cut a round 5-inch diameter hole in the center of the plywood. Cover the opening in the plywood with a piece of old inner tube. Then cut a slice in the inner tube so that the customers can reach a hand into the container without seeing inside.

In one ice cube, freeze a diamond (not just a chip). The customer who finds the diamond keeps it.

Make it inviting for the customer to come in. Once in the store, he’ll probably buy something.


To make this more interesting (and profitable), work with a jeweler. He may even give you the diamond for running his name in your ads (piggy-backing). In addition to the diamond, get several cubic zirconium artificial diamonds worth $25 to $50 apiece. The customer will take her “diamond” to the jeweler to see if it’s genuine: a real traffic builder. The jeweler will probably be asked to mount the diamond and some of the zircon, and will probably make other sales in the process.

You can advertise a $400 diamond giveaway (or whatever the value of the diamond might be). Of course, your actual cost will be about half…or less if the jeweler joins in the promotion.

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