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Plan Ahead & Get the Facts (Soap Box Derby & Business)

When I was fourteen years old, my dad and older brother talked me into building a soap box derby car to enter into the races. I had to build the car myself. I got the ideas on how to build it thanks to a cousin in Iowa, who had been a winner the year before. Since I weighed less than one hundred pounds, I made the deck out of four-inch oak and used an iron valve wheel as the steering wheel.

They closed off South Broadway Street in Denver in 1940 for the race. Out of one hundred thirty-six cars, I came in third. I won a bicycle and a bow and arrow set, etc.

Like in business,  its FUN to see good things happen, like beating the kid who’s dad built the car where the kid didn’t do a thing like the rules said to do. The secret was in the planning. The secret in business is the same. Planning ahead will certainly pay off in the long run.


Before you start in a new business venture, be sure you have all the facts so you can head off in the right direction.  I got started  once and found out the tail of my car dragged at the bottom of the ramp. I had to quickly cut off its rear end. Another time, I did not have my wheels lined up straight and lost the championship because I headed off in the wrong direction and about ran off the track. In business, get all the facts from those who have run the race to success before driving off into the sunset.

Starting a new business is like jumping into a swimming pool and finding out it has no water in it. Learn all you can before jumping into something you know nothing about. Get all the facts.

Also, don’t belong to the “shudda club”–I shudda done this or shudda done that.

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