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Hey Turkey


Hey, Turkey!

Win Tom, the Turkey – He’s a Big ‘un!

Come in and guess Tom’s weight in ounces or just take a gander at him.

Instructions for Turkey Promotion

Buy a good sized live turkey (the bigger the better). Using cheap 1 x 2 lumber and woven wire (chicken wire or similar will do), build a cage large enough to hold the bird. Put straw, wood shavings or shredded paper in bottom of the cage–don’t forget to change it daily! Get a small rabbit feeder and water bowl (heavy) to keep Tom happy.

It is best not to place the Tom in the window…make folks come inside to see him. Also, it is better to put the cage high enough to prevent young children from poking little fingers through the wire. Turkeys can peck hard.


Using food coloring, make colored water and freeze as ice cubes. Place in a chest type freezer (see Diamond Promotion #1). Customers reach in and get an ice cube. Depending on the color, they are allowed a percentage discount on anything in the store except sale items. White or clear, 10% off, green 15% off, yellow 20% off, red 25% off. Watch your cash register bulge…what a promotion!

Warning: This promotion is for the birds!

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