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Honesty & Respect

While in the Navy, going on Liberty was something to look forward to. One time when we did not have Liberty to go ashore while our boat was tied up to the dock, we went ashore anyway. However, when the officer-in-charge found most of the crew missing, he put the Shore Patrol (police) next to the gangway so that when we came back to the ship, we would be arrested. However, he only had three men on duty and we merely walked around them, as they were so busy checking the names of the others. We really thought we had gotten away with it; however, that was not the case. The officer-in-charge was waiting on the gang plank to take our names.

Many times we think we have pulled something over on someone by overcharging or cheating them. The fact is, we are only cheating ourselves, for we will be found out. It is said that gossip is faster than lightening and it will get back to you in a negative way.

Treat your customers with “Honesty and Respect,” and they will treat you the same.
One problem with our society today is that when someone does us wrong, we want to get even. Instead, treat them with kindness and respect. Just turn the other cheek as in the Bible. You will be well-rewarded for doing just that.

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