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Let Go of the Problem

Let Go of the Problem…In Flying & Business

Having taken up flying lessons after getting out of the Navy, I thought I knew all the answers. My instructor was an ex-fighter pilot from the Air Force. He took me up about 3,000 feet and then had me fly the plane. He then told me to pull back on the stick and head straight up. In doing so, the plane started to fall into a tail-spin, heading towards the ground at an ever-increasing speed. I asked him wat to do as I was in a panic. He quietly said, “If you let go of the stick, the plane will take care of itself.” So I did and the plane came out of its dash towards the earth.

Sometimes we tend to panic when things go wrong in business. What we really have to do is let go of the problem. Most of the time, the problem will take care of itself.

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