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Lucky 13 Sale

Bring this ad in the store with you and you might be a winner of these prizes to be given away FREE:

TV, Vacuum Cleaner, Radio, Cordless Phone, Paint, Cabbage Patch Doll

Just match the number placed on the 13 items to win. If it matches, YOU WIN.

No purchase necessary, but look at these specials:

(List of specials)

Numbers changed each (day or week, your choice).

Instructions for Lucky 13 Sale

List whatever items you wish to give away. Odds are if you send out quite a few, you won’t give all 13 prizes away, but will bring in customers.

Run sale along with a circular or sale bill in direct mail. Have a stamper that changes numbers each time, or, if in a newspaper, have them put different numbers on the newspaper (this is costly).

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