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Making Money


Instructions for Money Sale

Pick out 100 of your best customers for this promotion. Then go to the bank and get 100 one dollar bills, preferably new ones. Then write a letter as follows: Since a dollar won’t go as far as it used to, just bring this into our store and we will show you otherwise during our big MONEY SALE.

If you want to get attention to your business, this will certainly do the job. The only problem is that others will ask why they didn’t get a dollar. You reply, “Just buy $20 or more of merchandise from our store and I’ll give you a dollar”. This amounts to 5% off the regular price, or you can vary the amount.

The real reason for sending the $1 bill is to get their attention. A true experience of mine illustrates this:

As a Ham radio operator, I received a letter from a man in Scotland with $1 enclosed. He is a county hunter; a man who wanted to set up a schedule on the radio with me to get my county added to his list of counties he had contacted. He also asked me to contact someone in the next county to do the same. For the $1, I called several radio operators in the next county to set up a schedule for him. Yes, I did talk with him via radio phone for a contact, and now we are exchanging interesting letters.

Instead of taking 10% or so off merchandise, just try the direct mail approach. You will be the talk of the town. People will think you have gone nuts, but you can laugh all the way to the bank on the business you’ll get as a result of DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Why not invest in your customers so they will invest their time doing business with you.

SUGGESTION: Attach a $1 bill on your shirt with a safety pin. Almost everyone will ask about it. Then you can tell them how they can have one or more.

A second approach is not strings attached with the gift. You will get it back. It is similar to trying to give out GOD. It cannot be done, but you’ll receive more than you give.


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