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Money Saving Sale

JOIN THE FUN! See something different while saving money during our Money Saving Sale. Stop in and pick up your DOLLARS floating in the air. Just shove them through the slot to a helper. You have two minutes to really collect the MONEY!

When you walk through our door you’ll receive a ticket with a number. As the alarm goes off, a number will be called. The winning number will have two minutes to pick out all the MONEY you can shove through the slot in the cage.


Build a cage out of heavy 1/2″ or 3/4″ clear acrylic, available in 4 x 8 ft. sheets. Build it high enough for a person to stand up in it. Build a door on the side with hinges. Try to get it airtight if possible. Make a step on the outside so a customer can step up into the cage. You will need a small Squirrel Cage Blower with lots of volume. Air sucks in at the bottom of the cage and blows out at the top of the cage behind where the customer stands. Be sure to make a slot in the side of the cage about halfway up so bills can be pushed through it. Make it narrow so it isn’t easy to push the bills out. Use old used crumpled one-dollar bills. You might put in two or three $10 dollar bills to make it more interesting.


Did you hear about the man who was driving 60 mph when a state patrolman started following? The driver then increased his speed to 70 mph, and then to 80 mph. Then the patrolman turned on his lights, stopping the driver. He then asked him, “How com you were driving at a safe speed, but then went faster after I followed you?” The driver answered that about two weeks ago a patrolman ran off with my wife. I thought you were trying to catch up with me and bring her back.

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