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Mother’s Day

Free Carnation for the First 100 Mothers in the Store (day & date)

Instructions for Mother’s Day Ad

This is an appreciation sale to bring traffic into your store as well as to show appreciation for mothers. I have used this for many years and order several hundred carnations ahead of time so they will be sure to be at the store in time. I give ALL mothers a carnation the Saturday before Mother’s Day (instead of just the first 100). The leftover carnations you can take to a nursing home, give to mothers at church services, or give to a church so they can give them away on Sunday morning before church services.

You might also run a “Mother of the Year” contest with nominations sent in by children. You then announce the winner in the newspaper (complete with photo) on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. This builds a good image and is especially fun if you post the nominating letters around the store. (It really brings in the customers). It won’t hurt a thing if you just happen to have a sale going on at the time!

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  • Deb Colglazier says:

    I really appreciate the carnations that you and Bijie give to all the mothers at church on Mother’s Day! What a beautiful commemorative of your mothers!!!!

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