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New Business: Put in 12 to 14 hours a day — working. If you are not willing to commit yourself fully to your business, work for someone who is.


After only five hours of flying lessons, my flying instructor said, “It’s yours”. I thought he was kidding, but he was serious. So I flew the Piper Cub. I was so nervous that I didn’t need the motor running because my body was shaking so much. I made a beautiful landing and was expecting congratulations. Instead, I was asked if I ever looked at the wind sock. The wind had changed direction 180 degrees.

After flying for awhile, the instructor told me to just log in and out, so the next time I took off alone.

I propped the plane to get it started, then took the wedges from under the wheels so I could take off. I got into the plane, gave it gas and then remembered I hadn’t taken the rope off the rear tail wheel. So I got out with the engine running fast and untied the tail wheel. The plane then took off with me chasing it, heading for two parked planes. I ran and caught the wing strut and held onto it so it just missed the planes. I managed to get onto the wing strut, but had yet another problem.

The plane was picking up speed and the door was backwards to me so I couldn’t swing into the cockpit. Finally, going about 40 MPH down the runway, I grabbed the top of the door and swung into the cockpit. Looking up, I found I was near the end of the runway, so I slowed the plane and stopped at the edge of the runway. I shook for awhile and couldn’t take off for at least a half hour until I could stop shaking.

Sometimes we worry about things that never happen, so we don’t try. It is said, “It’s better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all”.

So give my promotions a try and maybe you will get off the ground with your business!

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