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Peanut Sale


All the Peanuts You Can Eat! Leave the Shells on the Floor. Shop for Our Nutty Bargains. (List sale bargains)

Instructions for Peanut Sale

Buy 100 pounds of peanuts in the shell from a produce broker or wholesaler (notify him in advance) and put them in a bowl for all to pick from. It’s up to you whether you wish to give them away in sacks (I recommend no sacks; just what they eat is for free).

Variation: Have one or all of the sales force dress as clowns. Use the circus motif all around the store. Station a clown with peanuts on the sidewalk outside the store, too.

This brings people into your store. It works especially when you send out circulars with specials listed, to work along with the promotion. YOU’LL CLEAN UP WITH THIS!

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