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Personal Birthday Greetings

For a new business or existing business wanting to improve image…

Go to your local county courthouse and talk to the county clerk. Offer 10 cents a name to furnish you with a list of birth dates of all the women in the county (not the year, but the exact day). You may have to do this through the driver’s license records. Get a large desk calendar (the flip-page) type) and list each one.

Each morning before you open for business, write a personal happy birthday greeting (on your company letterhead) to women whose birthdays follow. Write the greeting in longhand. This shows a very personal touch which women especially like. Example: Happy Birthday, Janet, from all of us at (your business). Do this two days before their birthdays. Time the mailing so they will get them the day before the birthday; one day early is better than one day late.

I’ll bet you will get more than 90% of these Birthday Girls into your store wanting to thank you for the letter and wondering how on earth you knew it was their birthday. You simply tell them, “Oh, I just had a hunch it was your birthday.” Keep them guessing.

This personal touch will win you many, many customers since all people like to be recognized, especially on THEIR birthday…and it was from YOU.

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