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Private Sale

(Business name) (Date)

It isn’t very often you receive a letter in a brown paper wrapper, but it is our way of inviting you to a very worthwhile sale at our store located at (address). On Friday and Saturday (dates) from 8 am to 5:30 pm, we will have a private sale featuring the greatest reduction in prices that you have seen for many years.

The sale will be storewide and FOR THESE DAYS ONLY. Prices will be drastically reduced on our existing inventory, such as furniture, household goods, toys, tools, TVs, stereos, and our entire line of (Brand) appliances and freezers.

Bring this letter with you for a chance to match your number for a free gift.

The trip will be worth your while!

Instructions for Private Sale

Send out letters to each customer on your mailing list, accounts receivable books, or any other list of customers you may have. Have a different number stamped on each letter that can be matched to a list for free gifts. Send the letters wrapped in brown envelopes by direct mail (this works best) or you can have them inserted in the newspaper. Have good reductions on selected merchandise.

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