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Satisfy the Customer, Whatever It Takes

My wife was out of town on a trip and a customer wanted a white bedroom set. I didn’t have one at the store, but I knew I had one at home. Guess what? When my wife came home, the box springs and mattress were sitting on four paint cans and her clothes were in piles on the floor. She was a little AGITATED to say the least. But was really agitated her was when I sold the AGITATOR out of her WASHER.

Do Whatever It Takes to Make a Sale

I once traded a push type lawnmower for a Metropolitan Rambler automobile. I tried to buy the used car from a widow, but she didn’t want to sell it because it had belonged to her husband. Then I asked her what she needed. She said she could use a lawnmower. We made the trade. But I had a problem. The car got over 50 miles per gallon and I had to stop every 400 miles and drain the gas out because I was saving so much!

To Get More Mileage Out of Your Business, Go the Extra Mile for Your Customers

I also bought a Model A Ford with a rumble seat for $150. It was a great car except for one incident. I was driving about 50 mph when a yellow wheel went flying by me hitting the ditch and jumping the fence. I knew it couldn’t be mine because my wheels were red. But when my axle plowed into the highway surface, there was a sudden stop. I found out it WAS mine.

Sometimes We Think We Know the Answers. The Truth Is Not What It Appears to Be. Get All the Facts Before You Act.

I once owned a 47 Ford convertible. On one cold morning I took off without warming it up, going as fast as it would go. All of a sudden there was a loud noise. I looked in the mirror and saw a piston lying on the highway, but kept moving because I knew it wasn’t mine. I was wrong.

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