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Tailgate Sale

truckSave Up to 50%

A large truck will be at our parking lot FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 9 am till 5 pm. A TRUCKLOAD OF GARDEN SUPPLIES, FERTILIZER, SEEDS, AND MORE! Save by the truckload! Bring your truck! LOAD UP ON THESE SPECIAL BARGAINS. SAVE NOW!

Instructions for Tailgate Sale

This promotion is for spring. Bring a large truck to your parking lot (a semi works well). You may need to rent one or one of your suppliers may arrange to have one of theirs spend the weekend with you in hopes of a bigger order. Make a large banner for each side of the truck box or trailer. Take a picture of the truck and advertise it with “Tailgate Sale”. Mark down some items to bring in traffic, but sell most items at regular price to make more money.

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