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Things Don’t Upset You – You Upset You

Most stress is really your own making. If the customer is unhappy, it is not your fault. He or she is just unhappy. Don’t blame yourself. This can lead to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. Do your best to keep your customers happy, but remember that some people will never be satisfied–no matter what you do.

When you leave the store, leave it there. Don’t take it home with you. Have hobbies. Mine are ham radio, backpacking and fishing. What are yours?

If the job you have is demanding, schedule a few hours each week for rigorous workouts or something to get your mind off you job. This could be jogging or just relaxing alone with a Walkman radio in a special room or place. Think about a quiet beach or something restive.

Take some time off. Take a vacation with your wife. She’s earned it living with you while you are grumpy from working too much.

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