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Timing is Important

During World War II, after coming back from a 5-day liberty in Southampton in England, my buddy and I found that our ship had left for another trip to the Normandy beachhead in France. We went to the Naval Office and were told that we could go on another 5-day leave.

We only had one dime left between us as we went to the train station to board a train to London. We walked down the train track to avoid paying for a ticket and got on the train. After getting to London, we found approximately three million people going crazy in the streets. We did not know what was going on and found out that the war was over in Europe. We were pushed with the crowd wherever they wanted to go. All of the people were celebrating and liquor was flowing among the crowd. One sailor was up at the top of a flag pole.

My buddy and I stayed at the USO in London, then bypassed the train station to get a free ride back to Southampton.

Timing is important; I missed my ship, celebrated victory in Europe and had a safe, free trip back to the ship.

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