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Treasure Chest Sale

Just stop in the store and pick out a key. See if it will unlock the treasure chest! Everyone’s a winner at (your store). The winner will receive one week’s FREE USE OF A CABIN IN THE MOUNTAINS. Other prizes include enough paint to do the outside of your house, plus other prizes. Each day you eligible to try again to win until all the prizes are gone!

Instructions for Treasure Chest Sale

I found 150 small banks that looked like a treasure chest at a cost of cents each. I made a cardboard treasure chest (large). This could have been made out of plywood. It had a hasp and a padlock. I made keys so it took the same blank that went into the lock. I cut some to fit and most keys not to fit. I could judge the amount of winners each day by the correct cut keys.

I gave away a trip to my cabin in the mountains (at no additional cost to me). Also 12 gallons of paint (one per winner). Of course, a customer could not paint their entire house with one gallon of paint. So they would buy additional paint.

I put the winning slips inside the small banks (inside the larger treasure chest). If the customer had the correct key to open the box, they picked out the small bank of their choosing. They then opened the small bank to see what they had won. I have away key chains or some small advertising favor so everyone would win. I ran it for 10 days and it worked GREAT.

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