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Turkey Fly Promotion

No purchase necessary
Just be out in front of our store on November ___ and grab for a free turkey

Instructions for Turkey Fly Promotion

Made a deal with your neighborhood grocery or poultry raiser to purchase the LIVE birds at his cost for giving him the advertising along with your promotion. Take them up to the roof of your store building in cages or tied together so they won’t fly before you’re ready. You will need some help on this. Don’t try it alone. Most of these birds have a mind of their own. Spread their wings and let them fly off the front of your store building, one at a time.

This promotion works best in November befpre Thanksgiving holiday to really get people excited about your store. You will find that the whole town will be talking and stopping in your store to see what’s happening next.

What happened at our promotion:

We tried this off a two story building with great results. The only problem was that when we let one of the birds fly, it took off flying above the crowd. Standing on the outer edge was a man in a suit. Guess what, it flew into him and splattered poop all over his suit. This brought on a cleaning bill for his suit, but he cleaned himself up. Nowadays this might bring on a lawsuit, so use your judgment on this one. But it was so much FUN! You can really clean up on this one. Be prepared for your Christmas business to really TAKE OFF.

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