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Win a Pony and Saddle

Yes, stop in and register for the Free Shetland Pony and saddle to be given away at our store to the lucky winner on (date). No purchase necessary to win.

Instructions for Pony ad

This is a good ad to run with a circular as advertising at least 30 days before the local county fair. We ran this ad, and it really worked. We presented the pony with a child sitting on it at our county fair. A microphone was used to announce the winner.

Don’t forget to use the name of your business, and wear store uniforms (if possible) at the fair.

You might want to sponsor a Fair Queen or rider during the fair as I did. Get involved with your local people. All your efforts will pay off for you in the long run with more sales.

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  • Roxann and Merlin says:

    Looks like this could really help you get ahead in a race to the finish. I remember this one Deane and you never want to forget to really clean up at the end.

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